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Update from Dan Kerrigan

March 12, 2020

Dear Friends,
I realize that you are being bombarded with news from various
media outlets regarding the virus outbreak. Words like "Soar" and
more frequently "Plunge" have been thrust upon you and your
senses. While this was unexpected and the ride daily is scary and
stressful I can assure you this is not the first time and
unfortunately it won't be the last. We have shared a couple
updates along the way thus far regarding the pandemic as well as
past pandemic outbreaks, we will overcome this event sooner then
some may think. I don't want to minimize the heartbreak families
have to deal with when a loved one succumbs to sickness, life is
fragile and we pray for those who are dealing with it today.
Remember that America's best companies are beacons
throughout the World and the Armageddon scenarios that the
media paint are not meant to calm our fears but invoke them and
keep us tuned in. Practically speaking, your investment time line
is critical to this equation. If you have decades to invest before
distributions take place then you continue to have a tremendous
opportunity ahead of you. If your nearing retirement and will need
supplemental checks you may have already made adjustments in
your allocation or currently own insured strategies. We are
prepared and more then willing to discuss any concerns or
questions you have with you. Our team is behind you and look to
meet these challenges along side you for as long as you allow us.
We will overcome this event and be stronger because of it, this
too shall pass..