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The Meaning of the Live Oak

The Live Oak is the iconic tree of the South, the Georgia state tree, and the official symbol for Kerrigan Capital and Risk Management located in Valdosta, Georgia. Those connections are obvious, but other characteristics of this impressive tree explain further our desire to make it the image of our team’s core beliefs. The Live Oak is an evergreen tree; it is never bare. We believe that our clients deserve for their hard work and discipline to be rewarded with asset stewardship that will sustain them for a lifetime. The Live Oak grows at a moderate rate, but can reach heights of 80 feet with a canopy of 100 feet at maturity. We believe that consistent, steady growth is the preferred path to pursue long-term goals. The hard wood and the expansive root system allow the Live Oak tree to be extremely resistant to storms. We believe with a strong foundation guided by a personal financial plan, our clients will better endure the challenges that life may present. The Live Oak is very adaptable to soil types and tolerant of a wide range of climate conditions. We understand that the environment around us will change and our team structure allows us to anticipate some of those changes and hold each other accountable to protect our clients’ interests. Finally, the Live Oak can live for centuries! We know that our task is not only about how we help our clients today. We are helping families and foundations organize a strategy for generations so that they have trust in the professionals they work with, confidence in the preparations taken, and clarity of what the outcome will be.