Who We Serve

At the Kerrigan Group we serve many types of clients with a wide range of needs. We help individuals and families with their goal to optimize their cash flow and set savings goals, we help business owners refine their business model and work toward growing their net worth, and we help institutions steward their resources for the greater good. Ultimately, we seek to identify each clients' core purpose and create a financial plan and strategy to help them pursue their own personal financial freedom.


We take inventory of your current situation and listen to your short- and long-term goals, and we create a roadmap to pursue that objective while seeking success. We also stay alongside you as an accountability partner to help you make informed decisions about job changes and budgeting.

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We develop a roadmap that suits each spouse's individual desires and priorities, and we help them keep their financial information organized and in one place. As the family grows, we work toward protecting their legacy by giving them the comfort in knowing they have a plan to work toward keeping all they've worked for safe.  This allows them to spend time with the ones they love and invest in personal goals, whether that be missions, traveling, charities, or volunteering.

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Business Owners and Professionals

We serve as a single point of contact for any guidance you need in business, whether that be for buy/sell agreements, business continuation, cash management, employer and employee benefits, tax efficiency strategies, secure traditional lending, or private investment for the business.

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Institutions and Foundations

We assist in the development and maintenance of investment policy statements and spending policies.

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