Why Kerrigan Group?


Our experienced team is focused on earning your trust and committed to helping you pursue your financial goals.

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Confidence in a team dedicated to helping you pursue your every financial planning need.

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Clarity of your financial situation and expertise in helping you move forward.

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Why Clients Choose and Stay with Us

Ultimately, what defines a good financial portfolio isn't just performance: it's confidence. Upon our inception as a team, we at Kerrigan Davis sat down, individually, and thought out what our core values were, and what came out of that were three common principles: Trust, Confidence, and Clarity. From the bottom up, our goal is to deliver perfect clarity to our clients so they are confident in their financial position, and as that relationship develops, we establish a trust that gives our clients confidence about what otherwise may be a hectic juggling act of risky investments and halting rewards. Our commitment to our clients is founded upon these three principles: 

Trust: Life-Long Relationships

  • Our dedicated team is committed to earning your trust and to pursuing long-term financial success for our valued clients throughout each generation.
  • Our independence, transparency and professional integrity ensures that our interests are aligned with the interests of our clients.
  • Actively working with our clients with a goal to help create, manage, protect, distribute and, when desired, transfer wealth to their loved ones as well as their philanthropic passions.

Confidence: Client-Focused Team

  • With nearly 50 years of experience, our highly specialized team of professionals works with each client, with each team member playing a key role in their financial future.
  • Surpassing client expectations by offering services tailored to each client, helps ensure that we are focused solely on serving their needs.
  • Proactive communication at all times, and especially during changing financial climates, helps keep our clients informed and focused on their long-term financial success.

Clarity: Disciplined Process

  • In-depth discussions with clients, actively listening to their responses, helps us to understand their vision and help guide them to sound financial decision making.
  • Robust, comprehensive financial planning process takes into account all that we have learned and helps create a clear path to our clients’ financial future
  • Our ongoing monitoring and review process helps uncover any potential risks or opportunities as we consider economic forces that can impact our clients’ investments

If you share these core principles and are committed to developing a long-standing relationship built on trust, confidence and clarity, then you should talk to us. We look forward to learning about what is most important to you and how our team can collaborate with you to develop a sound financial plan.

Give us a call at (229) 588-8448.